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About MIC

Bring your circular creativity to the workbench!

Through our limitless knowledge bank of curated experiences and applied innovation, we share tools & pathways to transform undervalued materials, into commercially scaleable circular applications. 


Our Story

Every year, we consume 100 billion tonnes of materials. Buildings, consumer products, furniture — everything is made up of materials like sand, clay, cement, wood, and oil — and we’re running out. If we want prosperity, we need to replace the control and consumption culture, towards a more collaborative & circular alternative.

A Material Innovation Center (MIC) is a space where we apply circular products & business models at scale by bringing to light the world’s undervalued materials.

Harnessed by Stichting Material Innovation Center, a Netherlands-based foundation,  MIC consists of a global network of innovation workshops — fitted out with tools & machinery.

We enable our community to exchange pathways to transform undervalued materials into commercially scaleable circular applications. Our online knowledge bank then enables learning flows between the Centers to bring to light exemplary circular material solutions. MIC believes that this cross-pollination is critical, and works actively to share technologies and business models, fostering partnerships and unlocking investments across its global workshops.


Through empirical examples, radical collaboration, and bona fide commercialization; we all take responsibility to capture and distribute the true value of materials, and replenishing our natural systems

Who is MIC for?

MIC supports multi-disciplinary experts at the intersection of design, technology and material science. Our workshop spaces and unique programming make it possible to experiment, prototype and realize a positive impact at scale.


Whether you are a Designer, Entrepreneur, Manufacturer, Student or Investor; you’re welcome at MIC to bring your circular creativity to the workbench!

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